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I would firstly like to say at BIG THANKS, and WOW, for your DebtFree Academy website and videos. There is SO MUCH amazing financial education out there and so many valuable lessons you are teaching us!"

- Ana D.,

Debt Free! It makes the best financial sense.

Did you know that following popular financial strategies condition you to be in debt – and are the reason why you feel like you never have enough money almost no matter how hard you work?

Did you know that BECOMING DEBT FREE Also Leads To Becoming Stress Free?

Over the years, popular financial strategies like investing in good debt, paying yourself first, using a budget, saving for college, and trying to make more money, all overlook a tremendously important item…

Debt is a financial cancer that will erode your financial future!

And when you begin to feel financial pressure that being in debt can create, you start hearing the ads about debt consolidation, and how debt relief programs can help you become debt free. Here’s a fact:

Debt consolidation programs – or any traditional debt relief program for that matter – WILL NOT help you become debt free!

Why – because these programs only focus on unsecured debt like credit cards. But – if you’re like most people – you probably have a car loan, maybe even a student loan, and most likely a mortgage.

Last time I checked, car loans, student loans, and mortgages were debts too! So, if debt consolidation programs and debt relief programs that only help you eliminate credit card debt – and leave you with payments on your car, student loans, and your house – how can they help you become debt free?

Answer: They can’t!


[The DebtFree Academy] is easy to understand and you are not blinded by terminology. It will wake you up to what is really going on around you and help you set a course for your future financial security. [It] will change your life.

- Catherine, Christ Church, New Zealand

If you want to discover how to make financial sense out of all the financial madness you may be experiencing, then let the DebtFree Academy help you get started – TODAY!

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Lesson 1: Calculating Your Wealth Potential: If you’re generating any kind of income, guess what – YOU’RE GENERATING WEALTH! The problem is you’re haven’t learned how to accumulate any.

Lesson 2: The “Good Debt” Myth: You’ve probably been told that your mortgage may just be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Unfortunately it is. But it’s one that’s COSTING YOU A FORTUNE!

Lesson 3: The “Pay Yourself First” Myth: This strategy is one that – on the surface – makes financial sense. Because, after all, you’re the one making the money so why shouldn’t you pay yourself first? What you don’t know is following this financial strategy requires you to generate about $3 in income for every single dollar you owe in debt.

Lesson 4: The “Budgeting” Myth: Does this sound familiar? You sit down with a piece of paper, all of your bills, and the money you have to pay those bills, and you start to figure out a budget. You hope this exercise ends with you having some decent cash left over every month. If you do, you feel great. If you don’t, you do what you can to turn that negative number positive. Guess what…? If you’re using a budget like this, it’s probably costing you hundreds, maybe even a thousand dollars or more each month. AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!

Lesson 5: The “College Funding” Myth: If you have kids, then you’re probably stressed about helping them have enough money to go to college. And you may even be trying to save now. In this lesson you’ll discover why this could make it even harder for you to help them the way you really want.

Lesson 6: The “More Money” Myth: One of the top 5 reasons people leave one job and to to the next is to make more money. In Lesson 6, you’ll learn the 3 little letters that can make – making more money – the biggest mistake of all.

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Don’t let that happen. Fill out the form and discover why becoming debt free is the secret to true financial success…