About The DebtFree™ Academy

The DebtFreeAnthony Manganiello Academy was created by Anthony Manganiello, author, speaker, and personal financial literacy expert. He began his professional career in the late 1980s where he began learning about personal finance. This education was rooted in what could be considered "traditional" financial services. In February of 1995, he began working with John Cummuta, author of the successful Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living® and Transforming Debt Into Wealth® systems. Anthony’s experience working with John completely changed his perspective on traditional financial principles.

In September of 1999, Anthony acquired John's publishing company and began to market personal financial literacy books, tapes, and software. However, the majority of people who were looking for help at that time needed more than just a “do-it-yourself" strategy. They needed real debt and credit intervention. They needed debt-relief services like debt consolidation or debt settlement. The challenge was in helping them make the right choice.

This dilemma was the genesis of a research and development project conducted by Anthony’s company. The R&D effort spanned nearly a decade, an investment of millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of interviews with every day people looking for help with their debt and credit problems. The end result was the creation of the Cash-Flow™ Analysis.

While this R&D effort was underway, Anthony entered into Joint Venture with John Cummuta (author of the Transforming Debt Into Wealth® System) and Nightingale-Conant. This venture allowed Anthony to get his DebtFree™ Software For Windows® in the homes of millions of people between 2002 and 2010. During that time, his audio program Great Credit For Life became a Nightingale-Conant best seller.

In 2009, Anthony took all he’d learned from the previous 14 years, and wrote The Debt-FREE Millionaire: Winning Strategies to Creating Great Credit and Retiring Rich, published by Wiley & Sons Publishing Company.

DFM Book No BGSoon after his book was published, Anthony realized the trend for learning was migrating to the online and mobile environments. So, he combined his Cash-Flow Analysis™ and DebtFree™ Software For Windows® to create the Cash-Flow Dashboard™, a robust online personal cash flow management system focused on complete debt elimination and wealth accumulation. In 2012, he created the DebtFree Academy™, a complete and comprehensive online personal financial literacy system. The combination of the DebtFree Academy™ and Cash-Flow Dashboard™ have become his crowning achievement and is positioned perfectly to help consumers become debt free, create great credit, and accumulate real wealth.

Anthony has had the privilege of speaking to Tony Robbins’ exclusive Platinum Partnership Group in 700 Club 1Miami, Florida in November 2008. He’’s been a featured speaker at several USOBA National Conferences, and has provided expert testimony in front of state legislatures and the Federal Trade Commission. In February 2010, he was interviewed by Pat Robertson on The 700 Club, and has been a featured guest on numerous radio and Internet talk shows.

Anthony’s passion is to help the average household discover the truth about debt, credit and how money works. His contrarian style and inspiring delivery continues to transform everyday people from wealth consumers into wealth accumulators.