Wisconsin credit scores outrank all others, the South takes bottom 10

I share this story with some measure of pride, because until recently, I hailed from the state known for its breweries, cheese and the Green Bay Packers. But the state of Wisconsin can now lay claim to another valuable prize: having some of the nation’s highest credit scores.

A study released this week by the credit reporting agency Experian found big regional differences when examining the average credit scores of U.S. metropolitan areas. All of the 10 cities with the lowest average credit scores are in the South. Of the 10 cities with the highest average credit scores, eight are in the Midwest — including four in Wisconsin.

Why Wisconsin? Is it the legacy of hard-working German and Scandinavian immigrants? Midwestern farmland frugality? Something in the milk?

Those are possibilities, but a more likely explanation for the regional differences in credit scores has to do with the economy.

Read more: http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/metropolitan-areas-credit-scores-experian-1270.php#ixzz27EAenASU Credit Map

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